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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and we're kicking the weekend off with fresh snow on the ground. is more headed our way? good evening, twice in one week we got hit with white stuff. >> neither storm amounted to much, but it was enough to cause some headaches and a few accidents as well. so, let's get the latest on
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what we can look for overnight from top. >> you know, stop and think about it, snowfall, two out of three days, you think we would have more, but we don't. two clippers in a row. the big problem will be walking, especially when you get your paper. let's start with a satellite picture radar combined, watch this thing just move through the metro area. now all the snow is offshore, a little bit of snow upstream. may see a flurry overnight, but our snow is long since gone with the clipper. temperatures actually haven't done much. in fact, because we haven't cleared up, they have gone up in the past hour. in fact, 24 downtown. looking at 19 still in gaithersburg. that hasn't changed. 23 in leesburg and 23 in manassas. the winds haven't picked up yet. by tomorrow morning, we'll add a 15-mile per hour wind to this. windchills will be in the single digits. so, breezy and cold at 6:00. 16 to 24. breezy and cold at 8:00 in the 20s and by 10:00, still breezy and cold. temperatures holding in the
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20s. a fair amount of clouds here, it won't be clearing out for some time tomorrow. we will come back and tell you if we'll make it above freezing, and next week looks like a wild ride. we'll explain. when congress kicks that can down the road earlier this month, many federal employees knew the next thing to get kicked could be their wallet. this is becoming more of a likelihood. >> political reports today that the pentagon preparing a plan to furlough civilian workers once a week for five months. that adds up to a 20% pay cut to deal with the automatic cut scheduled in march. gary has been looking into that one. gary. >> derek, you remember the piece of the fiscal cliff drama a month ago. the automatic spending cuts shared equally between programs that go into place automatically unless congress cuts the deal. the pentagon is putting details
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in place in order to save an estimated $5 billion. wusa9 asked our facebook following if their civilian pentagon employees, what would it mean to them? we got painful posts. we have one, i have colon cancer and have chemotherapy. no, we cannot afford any pay cut now. james wilson, i'm concerned about my bills. family of four here living on one civilian paycheck. husband disabled. pay frozen for three years and now they want to take two days of every paycheck away from me? i hope congress and the senate lose the equivalent amount of pay. they should furlough some 14s and 15s, higher pay grades, not me. i barely make anything. let those really old people retire, all those 80-year-olds coming to work with their canes. and what about the nation's defense? >> the answer is, catastrophic. it's going to create enormous
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inefficiencies. >> the heritage foundation. >> god forbid something happen, people could die. there's a disaster, somebody doesn't have what they need. somebody got the information. at the very best, we'll waste a lot of money and we're going to make a lot of things harder because congress and this president failed us. an idea we all knew is stupid to begin with. >> well, nobody likes the idea of these automatic across the board cuts and every time they have been about to bite, congress delays. maybe it will delay again this time, but the pentagon is planning for maybe not. anita. >> gary, thank you. richmond is playing center stage in this latest round of gun control debates. the vice president joined other leaders on the campus to talk about a plan that would restrict gun ownership. ken is live with the details of what exactly they talked about, ken. >> vice president joe biden led a round table discussion where he zeroed in on background checks for those wanting to buy the guns.
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>> you should be universal background checks. >> the vice president sat down with other leaders today at vcu, a closed door meeting to discuss gun control. the talks resumed, protees protesters let their feelings be known. >> we weren't able to voice our own opinions. >> acting on orders from president obama has been tasked with coming up with proposals. the shootings have ignited wild sentiments on both sides of the debate. while the president is asking, biden strengthening background checks and mental health issues. >> when you go to a gun dealer or dick sporting goods to buy a weapon, you essentially swipe your card, they swipe it for you and find out whether you are part of the people. >> missing at this round table was the other side of the aisle. no republican was in attendance to participate in the talks.
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>> it's not democrat, it's not republican. it's about saving lives. >> lack of bipartisan support is something that both sides are concerned about whether realistic and fair plan will be reached. those who feel their second amendment rights will be attacked continue to sound off. >> and virginia lawmakers have been debating a bill to require the private sellers conduct criminal background checks on buyers at gun shows. only dealers to get those checks, anita. virginia republicans are flexing some serious muscle. days after the state senate passed a bill to box democrats out of their district. is considering a plan that would have handed mitt romney most of the commonwealth votes. state senator to get rid of the winner take all system. in the last election, president obama got all 13 electoral votes. if that was the case in 2012, the president would have only
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gotten four and mitt romney would have received 9. it's unlikely the electoral vote will pass the senate. they will impose it with the senate split 20/20. he skipped the inauguration, but he is in town now. mitt romney and his wife, ann, are visiting the nation's capital. romney had been scheduled to attend a reception today, the romney's are expected to attend the alfalfa dinner tomorrow night. romney did not attend the inauguration. the two did have lunch together last month, however, at the white house. thousands of antiabortion rights activists marching to the steps of the supreme court today. it was the an yowl rally, known as the march for life. the crowd marked the 40th anniversary of roe versus wade. that's the supreme court ruling that made abortions legal nationwide. demonstrators said with the reelection of president obama, quote, we have to keep up the
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battle. >> we have a wusa9 exclusive tonight featuring allegations of abuse of power, corruption, and illegal use of funds. that's what a metropolitan police department sergeant is accusing the head of the city's automatic traffic enforcement program of doing. kristin fisher reports, sergeant mark robinson claims he has been removed from the unit afr he complained to his superiors about the program manager, lisa sutter. >> the program manager was involved in a lot of things that i recognized immediately as being illegal, against policies and procedures, and things that warrant immediate attention. >> things that sergeant robinson says he is carefully documented. like a $25,000 payment to a nonprofit without proper approval. and an $824 bill for a staff meeting at a d. c. restaurant. all of it, robinson says, was paid for by the money generated by photo enforcement violations. >> the fact that none of the funds were used on the program itself, or no services was
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rendered to the government, automatically recognize that as being improper. >> he also claims the program manager refused to void more than 1 00,000 defective citations. she did allegedly void several other legitimate tickets. sergeant robinson report it to internal affairs. the conclusion, robinson says the allegations were upheld, but no punishment. >> today, the program manager continue to be in position without any discipline. >> last september, robinson appealed the d.c. council chair, who at the time was chair of judicial committee. >> i'll give you four minutes, but that's it. >> robinson asked for an oversight hearing, but mendelson turned him down. >> any time somebody comes to us with a complaint, such as he alleges, i take it seriously. i have no way of judging the accuracy and so what i do, i ask an office that has the ability to investigate to look into it. >> mendelson says that office
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is the office of the inspector general. when i contacted them about it, all they would say is that the office of the inspector general does not confirm or deny investigations. >> if there's one part of the government that is more useless than phil mendelson and the judiciary committee, it would be the office of the inspector general. >> the head of the local police union believes, like robinson, that part of the reason nothing is being done is because the photo enforcement program brings in millions for the city. $95million last year alone. >> you have someone bringing in tens and millions of dollars, no one wants to investigate this person, that's a problem. and even if there wasn't a problem this time, if that office now knows it won't be investigated in the future, that's a recipe for abuse. >> the reason i'm doing it is because the public needs to be made aware of what's going on behind closed doors. >> and after our story aired at 5:00, d.c. police spokeswoman sent us this statement, quote, the allegations were reported to
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metropolitan police department internal affairs division and the office of the inspector general and handled accordingly. it's a popular pain medicine, but tonight, a panel wants to make it harder for you to get your hands on it. find out the plan to crack down on hydrocodone. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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actor bert reynolds is in the hospital for symptoms of the flu. he was taken there for dehydration and immediately transferred to the icu. his rep says the actor is doing better now and expected to be back in a regular room after he gets more fluids. there is some good news tonight about the flu. the outbreak is starting to level off. the centers for disease control now says 47 states are reporting widespread flu activity, down from 48 last week. cases are still on the rise along the west coast and more than half of the country is still getting hit hard. health officials are recommending anybody over 65 go straight to the doctor if they have flu symptoms, even if they got the vaccine. >> it feels like every sickness you ever had in your life, when you put it together, that's what you have now. >> this year's strain of the flu is taking a heavy toll on
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the elderly. seniors account for 90% of all flu related deaths so they are being warned to be extra careful. changing the way little ones are bathed in the hospital could be a lifesaver. a study out tonight from john's hopkins looked at more than 4,000 children in intensive care units and those who got daily baths had a 36% lower risk of getting a dangerous bloodstream infection. the hospital staff simply switched out the standard soap they were using for one that fights bacteria, much like the products on store shelves. >> we think this may happen because this antiseptic reduces bacteria on the skin. by reducing bacteria on the skin, we may prevent catheter that goes into the blood from getting contaminated. >> dr. aaron says he hopes the research changes practice in hospitals everywhere. preventing, sometimes deadly infections in an easy and inexpensive way. new tonight, an fda
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advisory panel wants to make it harder to get the popular pain medication. it is one of the most prescribed in the u.s. with brand names like vice vicatin and the most abused. >> it is easy to prescribe. one can prescribe it over the phone. call it into the pharmacy without having to have the patient come to the office or write a prescription. now an advisory panel wants that to change. it is recommending new restriction. right now, patients can get five refills before they have to see their doctor. the panel wants it limited to 90 days. physicians assistants and nurses would no longer be allowed to prescribe the drug. the fda will make the final decision on whether to take these recommendations. as we were telling you earlier, out of virginia comes word that some republicans want to dump the winner take all electoral college system for presidential elections and replace it with a system that would have given mitt romney's most of virginia's electoral
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votes, even though he lost the popular vote. derek says worst idea ever. >> it's not just that this would be the worst sore loser move ever, voters would see it that way as well. i think down the road, the gop would end up regretting it. charles says this is all about fairness. he is really standing up for those millions of romney voters in virginia whose votes didn't count for anything. that didn't seem to bother anybody when virginia went for the gop presidential candidate for 40 years in a row. no, this is not about fairness, it's about demography. concentrating in big cities, perhaps permanently outnumbering the rural voters. that is the great republican nightmare and why some argue, dump the winner take all system and stave off the inevitable. get this, nothing in politics is permanent or inevitable. so, imagine this. in 2016, a popular gop
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presidential contender all set to sweep virginia's 13 electoral votes, except under this new gop idea, the losing democrats practically guaranteed a third of those electors. in a close race, that might be enough to have the gop snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. then what do you do? change the rules back? anita. >> food for thought. and don't forget the gore election, that would have been a different story. 25 today, our third consecutive day in the 20s. >> even though we didn't have a lot of snow, the timing and cold tonight makes it tricky. >> timing was awful. and again, i want to say this again, 62 last sunday. so it wasn't that long ago, it was pretty nice. let's start with a live look outside. this is our live michael and son weather cam. high temperature 25. it's up to 24. it was 21 when it was snowing. the teeratures have gone up with the clouds. humidity 71%. that's outside, dew point 16
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and the winds are light. the winds will turn and they will become northwesterly at 10 to 15 here shortly. so, here are the snowfall totals. cumberland 3 inches. latensville, half an inch. i'll give you an inch and martinsburg, about an inch as well. i'm going to zoom in on this little system. i looked at this on the satellite. we could, this could generate a flurry tomorrow morning. notice we haven't cleared out very quickly and that would be the case. it would take a while to get to partly cloudy skies. upper air system that will roll through overnight. could produce a flurry by morning. don't freak out if you see a flurry. it will be another cold january day when we struggle to get to 30. so, dry, breezy, and cold. grab your sunglasses. i almost fell today. and then milder next week, although, we are going to see the tail of two seasons next week. spring and snap back to winter. overnight, 16 to 24, partial
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clearing and cold. winds northwest at 10. now by morning, an early flurry is possible, partly cloudy, breezy, and cold. winds northwest 10 to 15. so if you get up early in the morning, your windchills will be in the single digits. by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, and cold. you'll need your sunglasses, temperatures 30 to 35. you need your fluid as well, a lot of salt on the roads. winds continue at 10 to 15. so, the next three days, we're looking at, for now any way, 9 weather alerts will keep green. saturday green, breezy and cold 32. sunday still cold, 36. monday, i have added this. a mix is possible. i tweeted about this, too. an early morning mix is possible on monday. i'll transition to a milder air mass. the warm air rises up over the cold air and we could see a brief mix in the morning on monday. we will monitor that very carefully. after that, warm air wins in a big way. we're in the 50s with showers.
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rain will develop wednesday, but not before we hit 60. then we're looking at colder air again. notice the low on wednesday, high on thursday. rain ends on thursday and back in the freezer on friday. temperatures around 30. >> it's like a roller coaster. >> tough week. >> you know, it sounds like, can it be? we can no longer make jokes about the wizards. just not as much. >> okay. not as much. wizards and the caps both in action tonight. and the twitter verse has a dare for me again. not this time. two games, it's not an easy task. get their first win and the renaissance, that is the wizards continues in frigid minnesota. next.
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now, here is dave owen at the wusa cadillac sports desk. caps and wizards winning on the same night. what are the odds of that? but i figured i would have some fun with it. i tweeted earlier, if the caps and wizards both win tonight, dave owens will do, fill in the blank, here's how the twitter verse responded. at politics, you got to do the
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dougy. that would have been ugly. dave, one handed pushups. you're a strong guy. that is very hard to do. sleeveless shirt, i don't know about that. you could tweet me at wusa for my next dare and come up with interactive stuff to do during sports cast. let's see if i have to do anything. john wall getting his first start. if he was a musician, they would call him a cross over artist. get it? cross over. may not like it, but it was good. 14 points, five assists. at the other end, i'm going to put you in my spam folder. wizards, another impressive win on the road. so half way home to doing something, up to the caps. down 2 love. this is the old hockey version on the goalie. 2-1 now. 4 minutes later, don't you know who i am?
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ties it at 2. the caps one of eight on the power play. we go to overtime. game set match. i'm off the hook. jersey wins in overtime, 3-2. >> obviously you want to get the win, but we waited for 57 minutes to get the tieing goal, we hung in there, we did our job. everybody worked for 60 minutes and played a much, much better hockey game. >> you wanted to see me do the dougie. tonight, he was the victim of an assault at a honolulu nightclub early this morning. he sustained injuries and thus won't play. he will be on the sidelines, however, one person has been arrested. he plays behind ray lewis, brendan doesn't hear his name called that much, but he has been in the news a lot for his beliefs away from the football field. he is one of the few proathletes to take a stance for gay rights, marriage
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equality, and antibullying and he wants to use the super bowl as a super platform to voice his opinions. football is his first priority during the week, of course, but he'll speak about his beliefs at the proper time and proper place and hopes when it's all said and done, he'll get a chance to meet another famous gay rights activist. >> i have a friendship with ellen degeneres and so the plan is, after we win the super bowl, go on the ellen show and dance a little bit with ellen and talk about equality. >> all right, super bowl xlvii right here on wusa9 sunday, february 3, 6:30, and the day before. the game on crew gets you ready with a special super bowl edition of game on. this is important stuff right here. you know william h. taft is the only man to serve as president and chief justice. did you know that? i did. somebody put it in the mail bag. we are all about education.
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taft will become the fifth president in the nats president race. he will join them tomorrow. tomorrow they will make that announcement official. william h. taft. >> you saw bradley beale block that shot. we should nickname him the publisher. he sends out rejection notices. >> i like that. can i use that next time? >> you
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need a good laugh? check this out, a florida reporter learning the hard way. do not turn your back on a goat. she's at the county fair working on a story about kids
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that raise goats. that's when one of the animals decided to send a message. watch it again. she takes the whole thing in stride, laughs it off, and later on, somebody said how is that goat doing? he was delicious. >> she has an attitude right there. >> that's our broadcast. we are going home for the weekend. how about you? >> have an awesome one. we'll see you back here on monday.
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